Malaysian Chives Pancake


breakfast lempeng kucai recipe

Malaysian Chives Pancake or we call it Lempeng Kuchai or 😋Kuchai keerai appam. For vegetarian, you may omit egg from the recipe. Serve this pancake with spicy gravy or sambal ikan bilis. A dish which recalls memories that we had during our childhood at our kampung, with our siblings and family.




  • Ingredients :
  • 3 Cups – Tepung Gandum (All purpose flour)
    1/4 Cup – Tepung Beras (Rice flour)
    1 Egg
    1/2 Cups – Chives/Kuchai leaves (chopped finely)
    1 – Onion (chopped finely)
    1/2 – Carrot (grated finely)
    2 – Tablespoon vegetable oil
    Salt to taste
    1/4 – Teaspoon turmeric powder
    Pinch of yellow coloring (optional)
    2 – Teaspoon sugar (optional)
    3 to 3.5 Cup water (add extra water if needed)
  • Note : You may add chopped red chilli.


Let’s make the pancake :

Lempeng Kucai resipi

Prepare the required ingredients.

For vegetarian, you may remove the egg from the recipe.

Use water at room temperature.




lempeng resipi

In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients. Slowly add in the water (3 cup) and start to whisk it together.
Use hand whisk to beat the batter. Or you may use spatula to mix it together.

Note : For those who want to make it even more easier, add in both flour in the blender (food processor) & water. Grind it for 1 minute, you will get very smooth batter without any lumps.  Then add in all other ingredients and veges and mix it together.


resipi lempeng kuchai

Let the batter to rest at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. Then, you can check the batter running consistency again. Add additional water about 1/2 cup to make the batter to get it’s smooth running texture.

Note : The batter consistency is very important to have a fluffy and soft pancake
You may do 1 pancake first, to try the batter consistency.


recipe for lempeng kucai

Grease the pan slightly with oil. Scoop up 1 large spoon of batter then pour on the pan.
Then, hold the pan and slowly move it around to get a circle shape of pancake.
We don’t use spoon to spread around and make the round shape, as we used to do for thosai.
It will cook very quickly.
About 1 minute for each side of the pancake


making vege pancake

Flip over once, then let it to cook.
Remove the pancake once it’s done.




vegatable pancake


It’s done. Soft and fluffy chive pancakes.

Malaysian favorite.



breakfast lempeng kucai recipe

malaysian pancake recipe








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