Agar-agar Gula Melaka



Agar-agar Gula Melaka. Malaysian’s favorite sweet dessert. The taste and the look of this jelly is unique. The two layer design are actually made by 1 cooked jelly mixture. Isn’t it wonderful? ¬†Follow the step by step method and the tips given, to get the perfect taste and texture.



Ingredients :

  • 1 packet Agar-agar (abt 20gm)
    1450ml water
    240gm Gula Melaka (crushed coarsely)
    2 Tablespoon white sugar (or as needed)
    1Tablespoon dark brown sugar (optional )
    Generous pinch of salt
    4pcs Daun Pandan
    1/2 Cup thick santan (coconut milk)
    1 egg white

Let’s Cook the Agar agar

Jelly Gula Melaka

Prepare the required ingredients. I used fresh thick santan (coconut milk), optional to used store bought packet santan too.
– Adding additional Dark brown sugar , is just to increase the brown coloring in the jelly.
– I used only egg white, in order to reduce the egg smell in the jelly.



gula melaka syrup

Take a small pot, boil about 450ml water. Add in the crushed gula melaka & 1 tablespoon of dark brown sugar (optional) and make the syrup.

Off the heat, strain the syrup to another pot.




santan egg mixture

In separate bowl – whisk the thick santan and white egg together.
( this step will ensure the egg white disburse evenly in the hot jelly mixture later).

In a large pot, pour in 1000ml water. Add in the agar-agar stripes ( jelly), daun pandan, generous pinch of salt. Let the agar-agar boil for about 2-3 minutes first.
Once the agar-agar getting dissolve (half way), pour in the gula melaka syrup.
Let the agar-agar and gula melaka syrup boil until the jelly dissolved completely.
Add white sugar as needed, estimate about 1-2 tablespoon.
Remove the daun pandan out from the pot.
agar agar gula melaka
Once the agar-agar completely dissolved, reduce the heat to low first.
Slowly pour in the santan-egg mixture into the jelly pot.
Give a quick stir, to get the scrambled texture. Increase the heat to medium high, let it to boil for another 2 minutes only. Do not over boil the agar -agar after adding the santan-egg mixture too.
Off the heat. It’s done.

resipi agar agar gula melaka
Pour in the hot jelly into mold. Let it completely cool down. Then transfer the jelly into refrigerate, to keep it chill, before serving.
Resipi Agar Gula Melaka
It’s done.

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