lemang hari rayaHome cooked Lemang or we call them, Indoor lemang… no bamboo, fire wood, & smoke…. but the taste is good. For sure, we still able to make the grill effect on the lemang even we prepare and cook the lemang indoor.




Ingredients : 

Ingredients :
I used Noxxa Pressure cooker to prepare the pulut

1.5 Cup pulut rice
1 Cup santan
3/4 cup water ( add little extra if needed)
Pinch of salt

Few pieces of banana leaves & tread.

Let’s Cook the Rendang :

lemang ingredients

Prepare the required ingredients.
Water & santan measurement. It have to be little above the pulut rice surface level when we cook, both on pressure cooker or on gas top.
The recipe is similar, even, if we going to cook & steam the pulut on gas stove top (dapur). The ordinary method of pulut cooking.
noaxx steamerThe fastest way ever to cook pulut. I use the Noxxa pressure cooker for the 1st time to cook pulut rice and it turns out well . No soaking the pulut rice required. Add in all the ingredients pulut rice, santan, water, salt. Just in 7minits, high pressure and it’s done.
Method to cook & steam on gas top (dapur gas) :
1) Soak the pulut rice for 3-4hrs in clean water. Drain off the soaked water.
2) Then , use a pot , add in santan, water, pulut rice and salt. Start to cook the pulut for about 10minutes in low heat.
3) Once the water/santan reduced, the pulut should be half cooked only at this stage. Off the heat.
4) Transfer the pulut rice to a steamer tray, and steam the pulut further. It wil take about another 10-15 minutes, the pulut rice will be cooked fully.
homemade lemang


The cooked pulut is ready. Get ready with few banana leaves and tread.

Next, let’s prepare the lemang roll.



prepare lemang rolls

Before start to roll the lemang, slightly grill the banana leaves to make it tender (1-2 seconds). It makes the rolling and tied the tread task little easier.

Then, start to roll the pulut rice within the banana leaves, tied up the ends using treads. Try to press and make it compact rolls for a perfect round shapes.



grill the lemang

The make the grill effect on the lemang, we place the rolled lemang sticks, on top of a heavy bottom pan.

Keep medium-high heat. Grill the lemang for 2-3 minutes, or until the banana leaves start to grilled.



lemang rendang ayam dan lemang

Its done.

Slice the lemand and serve while its still hot.







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