Homemade Rice Flour


homemade rice flour

Homemade pure Rice Flour for Indian festival recipes. Credits goes to my mom for guiding me to prepare it for perfection.This pure rice flour, dry roasted and used to make snacks such as atthirasam, murruku or seedai. The steamed rice flour can be used to prepare traditional recipe such as pidi kolhukattai. I used 2 cups of raw rice and manage to make about 3 cups for rice flour.



The ratio of rice and rice flour would be about 1 : 1.5 cups.

Ingredients :

  • 2 Cups raw rice
  • Some water


Let’s make Rice Flour :

making rice flour at home

2 Cups of raw rice, rinsed and soaked in clean water for minimum 1-2 hours.





homemade rice flour recipe

After 1-2 hours of soaking, place the soaked rice in a strainer and drain the excess water. Leave it to sit in strainer for 10 minutes, till the excess water been drain out.




preparation for rice flour

Spread out the wet rice in a clean cloth and let it to about 90%dry (about 30-45 minutes).

Note : We need the rice to be slightly moist.




rice flour for kolkatai

Use food processor (dry type). Fill in about 1 cup of that damp rice and grind it till fine texture. The rice flour might stick to the side of the food processor container (since it is little moist), just give a shake to that grinding container and continue to grind it to fine texture.



homemade rice flour for kolkatai

Use a fine sieve and sift the flour. There will be some coarse rice remains in the sieve, just grind it again and continue to sieve it.




homemade rice flour

Storing of dry rice flour .

In a pan, dry roast the sieved flour for a little while in medium heat, till it reach the loose texture. Let it completely cool down , store it in airtight container for future use.



steam the rice flour

pidi kolkataiOr the sieved rice flour can be steamed by using a steamer to make festival recipes such as pidi kolhukattai.

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