Sakkarai Ponggal


sakkarai ponggal recipe

Sakkarai Ponggal or it’s also called Sweet Ponggal Rice is a very traditional sweet dish that almost every Indian cook on any festival or special occasions. Rice is cooked in milk, sweet jaggery(vellam) and with some other ingredients which gives a creamy and aromatic sweet taste. This is my home version and my family just love it so much.


Recipes serves 2-3 person

Ingredients :

1 Cup rice
2 Cup milk (fresh milk)
2 Cups hot water to cook rice

1 Cup water to dilute jaggery/vellam
3/4 Cup jaggery /vellam
1/4 Cup dark brown sugar
2 Pcs cardamon

2 Tablespoon mung dhal (pasipayaru)
2-3 Tablespoon ghee
2 Tablespoon raisins
2 Tablespoon cashews
Pinch of Salt

Let’s cook the Ponggal/ Sweet Rice :

sakkarai ponggal ingredients

Prepare the required ingredients.

No limitation to the quantity of raisins, cashews, mung dhal or ghee to be used. Add more or reduce those based on your preferences.

Note : Sweetness (3/4 cup jaggery and 1/4 dark brown sugar) is just enough sweet taste. You may reduce the ratio if concern about sugary intake.

dry roast murgh dhal

In a low heat, dry roast the mung dhal/ pasipayaru. Dry roast for about 30 seconds. It will turn to light and crispy texture. Once done, transfer the dhal and keep aside first.




ghee fry raisins and cashews

In the same pan, heat up 1 tablespoon of ghee and start roasting the cashews and followed by raisins. Remember to keep at heat low as the cashews and raisins easily can get burned. About 1 minute. Off the heat. Transfer them to a bowl and keep aside first.



boil the sugar

Boil 1 cup of water . Add smashed cardamon pots, jaggery/vellam and dark brown sugar. Let to boil till the vellam and dark brown sugar been diluted. Off the heat and strain the mixture to another bowl. It’s suggested to use strainer so that cardomon pots seeds, skin and any other flakes removed from the jaggery syrup.



ponggal ingredients

Suggested to soak the rice in water for about 10-15 minutes . This step will speed up the cooking process later.




boil the milk

In a clean cooking pot, boil the milk and 1 cup water.





adding the rice

Once the milk been boiled, add in the rice and another 1 cup of hot water. Stir them well. Cook in simmer with low-medium heat only.
Note : The water amount given in this recipe is a guide only. As some rice grains cook very fast but some takes little longer. So add additional water if needed. Suggested to use hot water, whenever adding into sweet rice.


brown sugar added

Once the rice is 95% cooked, add in the dry roasted mung dhal. Stir them well. Always keep in low heat. Let the rice to cook further. Now can add the jaggery syrup and give a good mix. Monitor the sweet rice and keep stirring them. Tendency for the sweet rice to get burn is very high here.



add raisins and cashews

Finally add in ghee roasted cashews and raisins and another spoon of ghee as well. Pinch of salt is a must. Let the Sakkarai Ponggal to cook and blend well with all the ingredients. Add some hot water if needed.
Note : It is suggested, in any traditional sweet dessert, a pinch of salt is must to add. The salt will give extra kick to the sweetness in the recipe.


sweet ponggal recipe ponggal recipe

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