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1kg Basmati Rice (any brand), can cater for about 12 to 14 pax. Wash the rice till clear water be seen. Then soak the rice grains (with water) for about min 30-45 minutes before cooking process. It will increase the volume of the cooked rice. Hope this tips will be helpful if you are planning to invite big group of guest to your home.





11gm of Dry yeast = 3.5 teaspoon dry yeast




how to dry chili

Tips to store dried chili at home :

In a tray, spread all the dried chilies bought from shop. Then place it under sun light for few hours (minimum 1 hour). Let it dry well. Once done you will notice, that the chilies are crispy enough. Store in a airtight container. This method will ensure that the chilies can kept for longer period of time.



Homemade Roasted Cumin Powder.

chiragam dry fry chiragam in food processor grounded cumin container grounded cumin






Half cup of cumin (1/2 cup). Dry fry in a skillet for about 1-2 minutes in a very low flame. Keep stir the cumin seeds to ensure all seeds all evenly roasted. Off the flame and let it cool down for about 10 minutes. If you touch those cumin seeds, it will be very light and crunchy in texture.Use food processor (dry/ spices type) to make a fine powder of the roasted cumin. Once done, let it cool down completely. Store the powdered cumin in a airtight container. Ensure the spoon, the container or your hand are completely dry while preparing this storing steps. It will last long for about 2 months at room temperature or longer if kept in refrigerator.

Dhal Cooking and Storing Tips :

tips for fast cooking sambar

tips for fast cookingSambar is a very common dish that we cook at least once in a week. Veges for sambar can be cut and prepared very quickly. But cooking the dhal will take longer time, approximately 1 hr (soak + cook). Here is the easy tips to cook your sambar as quick as possible, especially for working mom and small family. Take dhal that needed for 3-4 times of cooking, soak it, cook (with little oil) and store it in freezer. Use the cooked dhal whenever needed. Cooking time saved and gas/electric saved too.

Cooking Method :
On stove – Dhal + enough water + little salt + little oil. The oil and salt will speed up the cooking process of dhal.

Pressure cooker – Dhal+ little salt + enough water. Oil not needed as pressure cooker will ensure the dhal are cooked as fast as possible.







tips for fast cooking

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