This blog is created based on my experience for the past 9 years. I  hardly cook any main dish when I was single other than helping my mom in the kitchen. My specialty at that point of time was peeling off onions, garlic and some simple baking. But after marriage, I had no choice other than to learn cooking from basics, especially our traditional Indian recipes. My mom is my instant cook book to refer. 
Lucky enough, my husband encourages me to cook at home. And he will be very honest in giving feedback about the taste. Good means good. Not good means not good. The best feelings when someone had the dishes that we cooked, and they comment “it taste really good”. That’s when,  my interest in cooking begins. Anyone  can cook. Simple recipes but with great taste. 
Sometime, we look for recipes and cooked it. But somehow the outcome doesn’t taste as we wished. Or there are moments that the ingredients are hard to find in our local stores. Recipes from this blog are mainly my home favorites,  I have cooked , tried , adjusted the recipes according to our taste buds and most importantly the ingredients are easily available in the markets or shops.
Thinking of what to cook on a special occasion, new comers to the kitchen or you want to impress the special one, you are welcome to try the recipes from my blog.
Recipes With Love,
Maria K
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