Cheezy Butter Prawn


cheezy butter prawn recipeCheezy Butter Prawn.. Easy to cook with only few ingredients, yet very delicious in taste. Thought of sharing this recipe with everyone. Prawn lovers, I am sure you will enjoy this dish. For those worried about reducing the excess fat, then, get ready to run and burn calories the next day :) As you can’t stop from having more pieces from the plate



Ingredients :

  • 8 Large prawn (about 400gm)
    2 Tablespoon butter
    1 Garlic (chopped)
    3 Stalk curry leaves (a must to add)
    3 Bird eyes chili (cili padi)
    1 Cup evaporated milk (susu cair)
    1/4 Water
    1 Medium size tomato (unseeded & cut cubed)
    2 Slices cheese (cheddar)
    1 Teaspoon sugar (optional)
    Pinch of white pepper
    Some chopped spring onion /coriander leaves

Let’s Cook the Cheezy Prawn :

cheezy creamy prawn ingredientsPrepare the required ingredients.

Clean the prawn (give a butterfly cut). It’s optional to keep the shell on it.

Curry leaves is one of the key ingredient for this recipe. Qty of chili padi can be adjusted as individual preference.



creamy prawn recipeIn a pan, heat up 2 tablespoon butter. Keep low to medium heat.
Saute the chopped garlic. Throw in the curry leaves and chili padi.
Saute those very quickly, as we don’t want the curry leaves to be over fried here.
Just give a toss.



cheezy butter prawnPour in the evaporated milk (1cup) and water (1/4 cup). Let those to boil in medium heat.
Add in the cubed tomato (remove the seed portion).
Let those to cook and boil further for few minutes.
Adding sugar is an optional (1 teaspoon).



butter cheese prawnWhile the milk boiling (medium heat)
Add in the cheese slices.
Stir well and let the cheese slices to melt, it will take about 2-3 minutes.
Let the sauce to boil.



butter prawn with cheeseOnce the cheese melted, add in the prawns.
Give a quick stir. Usually, prawns will cook very fast in the heat. About 2 minutes will do.
The sauce will get thickens, while the prawn cooked in it.
Throw in some chopped spring onion or fresh coriander leaves,
Off the heat , it’s done.



cheezy prawn cheezy prawn recipeReady to serve….Cheezy Butter Prawn

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