Chicken Rendang



rendang ayam

Chicken Rendang.Home style cooking of chicken rendang. It may not be the super perfect recipe, but it will be definitely a satisfying dish. The key ingredients for a good rendang taste would be, the kerisik, fried shallots, kunyit, galanggal, serai, daun kunyit , daun purut and santan.
Enjoy cooking the rendang in your kitchen.



Ingredients :

  • 1/2 – chicken (cut to smaller pcs)
    1/2 Cup grated fresh coconut/ kerisik
    4 Shallots/ bawang kecil (sliced & deep fried)
    3 tablespoon oil for sauteing
    1 Cinnamon stick
    3 Star anise
    4 Cardamon pods
    2 Tablespoon chili paste ( dried chili 6-8pcs)
    1/2 Cup thick santan
    1/2 tablespoon tarmarind (use the juice only)
    2pcs daun kunyit – sliced finely
    4 pcs daun purut – sliced finely
    Salt to taste
    1 tablespoon brown sugar/ sugar
    Blend to paste ingredients :
    2 Medium sized onion
    4 Cloves garlic
    3cm Fresh ginger
    1 inch Kunyit/ fresh turmeric
    1 inch Galangal
    1 Serai

Let’s Cook the Chicken Rendang  :

chicken rendang recipe

Prepare the required ingredients.

Add few chili padi if prefer the rendang to be more spicy.

Note : We can use store bought kerisik as well.



kerisik kelapa

To make homemade kerisik : In a pan, keep low-medium heat. Dry roast the shredded coconut till it turn to golden brown color (as in picture). Off the heat and leave it cool down.
We can use mortar & pestle to crush the roasted kerisik to make a fine texture. Or use food processor to grind it to fine texture.



frying shallots

Slice the shallot/ bawang kecil then deep fried it, golden in colour, crispy texture.
This fried shallots will be used to make the paste for the rendang later.




rendang paste ingredients

paste for rendang ayam

Almost all the required ingredients for the paste is ready.
Onion, garlic, fresh ginger, serai, kunyit, galangal and friend shallots.
Use food processor to make the paste, add little water as needed to grind the paste. to fine texture.



sauteing the ingredients

Start to cook the rendang :
Heat the oil for sauteing in a cooking pan/wok.
Begin to fry the spices ( cinnamon stick, star anise and cardamon pods).
Then add in the blended rendang paste ,chili paste and tamarind juice. Let the paste to cook/ fry well in the oil until it reach the “pecah minyak” stage. It will take about 5-8 minutes for the paste to cook well.


cooking rendang ayam

Once the paste is cooked, add in the chicken pieces. Add some salt . Stir well, and let the chicken cook for about 5-10 minutes. The chicken pieces eventually will release some liquid and start to shrink.




santan in rendang


Add in the thick santan. Let it to boil for about 5 minutes.

Note : The qty of santan used can be increased as per individual preference (3/4cup). I have reduced the qty to half cup only.


resipi rendang ayam


Once the santan start to boil ( 5 minutes), add in the sliced turmeric leaves, daun purut and pounded kerisik powder. Add little salt and sugar.
Give a good stir and let the gravy to boil and cook.
Add little hot water, as the gravy qty required ( about 1 cup).


cooking rendang at home

The gravy should be cooked in slow fire for about 15 minutes or until it reach correct thickeness.

Add salt or sugar as needed.

Off the heat, once the gravy and chicken cooked well.



chicken rendang rendang ayam resipi

Delicious Chicken Rendang is ready.







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