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halwa resipi


Gothumai Halwa or Wheat Halwa, a well known traditional sweet that almost all of us love to have during festival season. The ingredients and the method of making it are not complicated as we thought. There were many version of Halwa recipe available, for me this method would be pretty easy to make those melt in the mouth sweet dessert.


  • Ingredients :
  • 1 Cup Tepung Gandum / wheat flour
    5 Cup water
    3-4 tablespoon pure ghee
    15pcs cashew nut (chopped coarsely)
    3pcs cardamon/pinch of cardamon powder
    3/4 cup sugar
    Generous pinch of salt
    Halwa food coloring/ yellow/ orange

Note : Sugar and Ghee measurement can be increased as per individual preference.


Let’s make the Halwa :

Halwa ingredients

Prepare the ingredients as needed. The sugar and ghee quantity can be increased or reduced as per individual preference.

High quality ghee is very important for a tasty halwa.




halwa dough method soaking the halwa dough in water1 cup Flour and 1/2 cup water (or little more water). Knead the dough , till it look like chappati dough texture.

Place the dough in a bowl and add about 5 cups of clean water. The dough have to be fully soaked in the water. Let it soaked for minimum 4hrs at room temperature.



halwa water halwa liquied

Use palm to squeeze the milk from the dough. Keep massage and squeeze the dough in the water, till the wheat dough turn to elastic texture. Once done, discard the elastic dough. Use strainer and strain the milky water first. We gonna use only the milky water extract for the halwa.




sauteing cashew nut

Use a large or deep pan. Keep in low heat, add in about 1 table spoon of ghee.
Add in the chopped cashew nut and roast it in very low heat, just for about 1 minute.
Once roasted, off the heat and transfer the cashews to a plate.



cook the halwa

Use a large/ deep pan, keep in low heat. Pour the extracted wheat milk into it and let it to boil. Keep stir. The first 10 minutes is important in Halwa making process. Stir continuously, till no lumps been created.




After 15-20 minutes, the mixture will turn to be like thick porridge, no lumps as well. We are on track. Keep low heat and continue to stir.




wheat halwa recipe

Once the milky mixture turn to be like porridge consistency, then we can add in the sugar, pinch of salt, cardamon pods and food coloring.

Continue to stir all together.
Keep in low heat.



gothumai halwa recipe

Slowly start to add in 1 tablespoon of ghee alternately. We will need about 3 tablespoon of ghee at during this step.  Add in the ghee roasted cashews as well.

Keep stir until the texture doesn’t stick to the pan. Once the halwa dough start to roll like a ball, then it’s done. It might take about 20 minutes to reach this texture.




Prepare a medium size tray/ square pan (about 16cm diameter). Lightly grease the tray with ghee.

Then transfer the Halwa from the heat into this tray. Gently spread the Halwa, using a flat surfaced spoon. It’s done. Let it cool down to room temperature then we can cut them too desired shapes.

homemade halwa recipe recipe wheat halwa delicious wheat halwa


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