Kadalai Urundai



Kadalai Urundai (crispy peanuts candy). Recipe for sweet treat during festival season and as any time snack. Packed with caramelized jaggery (brown sugar), with lots of peanuts and sesame seeds, it became almost everyone’s favorite. With few ingredients and easy to methods, we can create those cute looking candy’s at any time we wish. Since we use only jaggery (vellam) to make the kadalai urundai, I would say the sugar consumption is still within acceptable level.


Recipe servers -18-20pcs

Ingredients :

1 Cup peanuts
2 Tablespoon dry roasted sesame seeds
1/4 Cup water (add additional few tablespoon)
1/2 Cup jaggery (vellam)/brown sugar
1 Tablespoon butter/margarine
Pinch of cardamon powder

Let’s make the Kadalai Urundai


Prepare the required Ingredients.

Note : You may also can buy raw peanuts which have been cleaned previously (without skin). If it is not crunchy enough, then can roast them in a pan for few minutes. Or in oven, 150 Celcius (5-6 minutes).




Dry roast the peanuts for 5 – 8minutes in low heat. Roast the peanut till the skin starts to peel off. The moment it starts to peel by itself, you may off the heat and continue to roast it further few seconds.






After dry roast, remove the skins from the peanuts. Crush them slightly as in picture.

Let it be in semi-chunks nuts.





In a pan heat up about 1/4 cup water, then add in the jaggery. Let it dissolve, then strain them if needed (strain the dirt).

In a pan, with low heat, reheat the syrup, add in 1 tablespoon of butter. Let the butter  melt completely. Keep stirring the mixture.




Keep low heat. Stirs them. It will be nicely caramelized. Now, we got to check the syrup consistency.






Take a small bowl of water, drop few drops of that caramelized syrup into this water. If the syrup dissolve immediately, then it’s not done yet, continue to cook them.

If the syrup doesn’t dissolve and stays intact (as in picture) then its ready. This is the right consistency needed to make the candy.




Quickly add in the peanuts, roasted sesame seeds and pinch of cardamon powder.

Sometime, you will notice that the syrup is not enough to coat and over the nuts. In that situation, just add in 1-2 tablespoon of hot water and stir them. Off the heat. Let the mixture stays in the pan (warm pan will keep the peanuts mixture stay moist till we finish roll them one by one.




Rub some ghee on your palm (ghee will help you to handle the heat from mixture). While the mixture is still little hot/warm, start to make round shape of the Kadalai Urundai (candy).

Note : It will be difficult to press and make the round shapes if the mixture become cold. If it’s not warm anymore, re-heat the peanut mixture in low heat (1 minutes). You will notice, it become soft again. Now continue making the candy balls.




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