Rava Kesari


rawa kesari recipes 2Rava Kesari, is a popular Indian sweet dessert. An easy recipe and with delicious taste, which make it so popular during any festival season. For my family it is an ‘anytime dessert’ to enjoy. If you are concerned about it’s sweetness, then reduce the quantity of the sugar from the recipe and enjoy your dessert.



Ingredients :

  • 1 Cup rava (semolina/suji)
  • 3/4 Cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup cashews (10 pcs – chopped coarsely)
  • 2 Tablespoon ghee
  • 4 Cups water
  • 1/4 Teaspoon cardamon powder (or 3 cardamon pod)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon salt ( or 3/4 teaspoon)
  • Pinch of food coloring (orange/yellow)

Lets prepare the dessert :

rawa kesari ingredient

Prepare the ingredients as required. Instead of using cardamon powder, I used cardamon pods (smashed).

Quantity of sugar can be reduced , if you are concerned about sugar consumption, (in between 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of sugar)

Get ready with a tray (9 x 9 inch). Grease the tray with some ghee and keep aside for final step.


kesari cashewnut

In a pan, heat up the 1 tablespoon of ghee. Keep it low flame.

Add in chopped cashew nuts and give a quick fry. In just about 30 seconds, the cashew will start to turn golden color. Off the flame and remove the roasted cashew and set aside. There will some ghee left in the pan, we can use that ghee to roast the rava.


fry roast rawaIn the same pan, start to dry roast the rava/semolina (in low flame). It will take about 2-3 minutes, keep stirring. It will give nice roasted smell. Off the flame, transfer the rava into another bowl and keep it aside.




water with cardamon

In the same pan, add 4 cups of water and let it boil. Add the coloring, salt and cardamon pods (or powder). When the water starts to boil, reduce the flame to low and simmer.

I added 3/4 teaspoon of salt. It depends on individual preference.



rawa kesari stir well

Get ready with spatula, roasted rava, sugar, ghee and roasted cashews.

Slowly add in the roasted rava into the simmering water. Keep stirring while adding the rava (got to use both hands). Lumps won’t be formed, as we are using enough water. Stir well in a very low flame.(1-2 minute).

If there were lumps formed, just press and break it using spatula, it will dissolve.


rawa with sugar

Add in sugar and stir well till the sugar dissolve. You will notice, that the rava mixture become watery at this stage. Don’t worry, it’s a fine texture. Keep stirring for another 1 minute.




rawa kesari almst done

Add in the roasted cashews and 1 tablespoon of ghee (optional to use butter). Mix well in very low flame. The mixture may look little watery and should fall like thick porridge when you scoop it up using spatula. It’s done. Off the flame immediately (do not overcook the mixture – if it rolls like a ball on the pan, it will be chewy and hard once cooled down).

Right consistency is important . Transfer the mixture into the ghee greased tray.


kesari spread

Spread the kesari surface evenly using a spoon and little ghee (left over ghee from previous process will do).

You are almost done. Let the tray to cool down for  about 30 minutes. Cut to the desired shapes and serve it.




rawa kesari rawa kesari close up


Enjoy your delicious Rava Kesari.


  • Logesvari says:

    Dear Maria,
    With cardamon powder also use a pinch of dried tumeric powder (in tamil its called sukku), it gives a kick to the rawa kesari. I also add on with some raisins. Emmmmm delicious

    • admin_maria says:

      Hi Ms.Logeswari,

      Adding sukku to rava kesari…sounds delicious for me too. Most of our traditional sweets include it right? I should give a try next time.
      Thanks for the feedback sis.

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